How Israel’s apartheidists are appropriating Palestinian Hummus

How Israel’s apartheidists are (1) appropriating middle eastern cuisine (2) attempting to rebrand Nakba Day with their vile cultural appropriation. From Kim Marie: ‘Seriously disgusting Zionist hasbara – Happy Hummus Day, which has been designated May 15, is being promoted on the web and FB. After seeing this on Sol’s FB page and his comment pointing out what “distasteful timing” it was, I started to do quick search – within in 3-5 mins it became clear that this part of a Zionist Hasbara campaign to rebrand Israel. If you look at the bottom left hand side of the Hummus Day website you will find the words “Innovation Israel Hackathon” – click on them and it takes you to a website by this name which states: “Innovation Israel Hackathon – Making Israel Go Viral! The Innovation Israel Hackathon is an initiative aiming to gather Israel’s brightest talent to make Israel go viral”. Everytime I think Zionist can’t get any more disgusting, I am always proven wrong – not only do they steal Arab culture/cuisine and trying to claim for themselves, they do so on a day that marks the destruction of Palestinian society by Zionism. Seriously how is this any different to Holocaust denial? ‘

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