(Ayn Karim) Wooden Carved Palestinian Cookie Molds

Ma’moul cookie molds.


Ma’moul molds are found in all Middle-Eastern stores. Traditionally, ma’mouls were sprinkled with powdered sugar and distributed to friends and neighbors and relatives for religious holidays. I prefer to use a syrup which gives the dough extra moistness.

If you find that your dough is too dry, simply add more rose or orange blossom water to make the dough moist and pliable. Letting the dough rest for one hour or longer allows the semolina flours to soak up the butter and imbibe with the fragrance of the rose and orange blossom.

The sugar syrup can be made up to two weeks ahead and stored covered in the fridge till needed. Any extra syrup can be used to sweeten anything from smoothies to pancakes to muffins to salad dressings, puddings, etc.

If adding all the rose water and orange blossom sounds too much, you can substitute with water or milk.


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